Tuition and fees

Fishing Trinity, Grace, and Peace Lutheran Churches take seriously the importance of full time Christian education for children. Through church contributions they finance the majority of the costs, which over the past three years has averaged out to be $4664 per child. This figure is used to determine tuition costs.

There are some costs to be paid directly by parents.


1. Registration Fee

A $75 registration fee is due by May 6th to secure a place in the classroom. Registration paid after May 6th is $150.


2. Trinity, Grace, and Peace Member Tuition

1st child: $2,480/yr

2nd child: $1,240/yr (half of 1st)

3rd child: $620/yr (half of 2nd)

Additional children: free

Plus a $41 handling fee for all who use FACTS Tuition Management.

* If a family qualifies for either free or reduced lunch pricing, they would qualify for free or reduced tuition.

Trinity and Peace members make tuition payments to Smart Tuition Management. Grace members pay this tuition to their congregation.


3. Other Churches

The tuition cost for the first child is 60 percent of the previous three years’ average operating cost of the school (listed at the top of the page).

For children grades K-8, for the 2014–2015 school year, the cost is:

1st child: $2,480/yr

2nd child: $1,827/yr

3rd child: $1,174/yr

4th child: $522/yr


4. Non-Member Tuition (No church membership)

The charge is the same as for members of Trinity, Grace, or Peace for the first year. They are expected to attend church and take adult instruction to learn what is taught. After that, a decision regarding their church membership is made.