Chapel Offering

Our offering is an expression of our thankfulness to God for his gift of faith. We will be collecting money for Lutheran Ministries in Sudan through the Hearts for Jesus Project.


Registration for 2014-2015

Trinity Lutheran school is now taking registrations for the 2014-15 school year.  Early registyration helps us to plan for adequate staffing for next year.  Early registration is also a benefit to you.  If you register your child by May 2nd, thefee is $75 per child.  After May 2nd, the fee is $150 per child.  You may pay this registration fee in installments of $25 / per child.  This is non-refundable and not included with tuition assistance.


Music Teacher

Trinity Lutheran School is accepting names of people to consider for a full time position at Trinity next year for a music teacher.  Children's choirs, classroom music, beginning and advanced band, handbells and related church activities are the primary responsibilities.  Names can be submitted by calling Sandy at 308-382-5274 or emailing


Sponsor of the Day

Have a special day on the calendar that you would like to be recognized?  (ie. Birthday, Anniversary, In Honor of) Trinity Lutheran School is "selling" day sponsors for $10.  Contact the school office if you would liek to sponsor a day or days.