Trinity Lutheran School

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God’s Blessings!

Empowered to Serve

Week at a Glance


Apr 27th, 2015 (Mon) - Kndg. HATS
1:45 PM


Apr 28th, 2015 (Tue) - St. Edward Invite @ TBA
9:00 AM


Apr 29th, 2015 (Wed) - ESU Quiz Bowl


Apr 29th, 2015 (Wed) - ESU Quiz Bowl


Apr 30th, 2015 (Thu) - Activity Banquet

Lunch Menu


Tuesday, March 10

Taco salad, nachos, rice, salad, apple & milk 


Wednesday, March 11

Chicken breast w/ bun, baked beans, lettuce & tomato, peaches & milk

Thursday, March 12

Pancakes, sausage links, broccoli, carrots, celery, banana & milk 

Friday, March 13

NO School  

Monday, March 16

NO School

Tuesday, March 17

Italian Pasta Bake, salad, carrots, breadstick, mixed fruit & milk

Wednesday, March 18

Chicken Teriyaki, rice, broccoli & carrots, salad, pineapple & milk

Thursday, March 19

Crispito, nacho cheese, refried beans, broccoli & celery, apple & milk

Friday, March 20

Hot dog w/ bun, oven fries, green beans, mandarin oranges & milk

Monday, March 23

Corn dog, scalloped potatoes, broccoli & carrots, peaches & milk

Tuesday, March 24

Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn/peas, bread, applesauce & milk

Wednesday, March 25

Turkey  sub w/ bun, cheese, letuce, tomato, baked beans, pears & milk

Thursday, March 26

Chicken fajita, rice, salad, broccoli & cheese, pineapple & milk

Friday, March 27

Sloppy joe w/ bun, oven fries, green beans, apple & milk